Hardy’s “THE SILEX” Extra Wide Drum MAHSEER Reel

The reel is 4 ½ inch diameter by 2 ½ inches wide with almost all of its original leading and lacquer in place with only very light wear on some of the edges. The reel is as found condition and after doing as much research as I can, I feel sure the reel was made by Walter Clark between 1908 to 1910. Ref: John Drewett’s amazing book Hardy Brother’s The Masters The Men and Their Reels… page 243

The reel is in super condition for its age with all of the moving parts functioning as they should. It spins beautifully with no wobble or run out on the front and back flanges of the spool. The ivorine handles are a good fit to the cross bar and looking at the whole reel I can say it has hardly been used. The foot is full length, straight and not altered in any way. Another nice point to consider is the condition of all of the screw heads, these are undamaged and demonstrates that no one has messed about with the reel.

And last of all there are no cracks anywhere on the reel and defiantly there are no signs the reel has ever been worked on – this is a nice honest, genuine and rare reel. I have washed away the yellow staining on the frame of the reel, this was residue mud so the reel looks much better than in my photos.

Price = £480 + Free Shipping and PayPal payment please.