Salmon Spey Reel



Having discussed the concept of my reel with salmon fisher folk from around the world, I determined that my first design should be on a new and novel braking system. I am not aware of a three part reel that has an auxiliary brake so this was my starting point and the twin check was something I thought would add character to the reel. I imagined the pawl holder would act a bit like a sound board against the panel in the frame, in effect giving off a vibrant noise like you would get from a sound box and this proved to be the case. The twin pawls give of a purring sound when the spring tensioner is at minimum and an amazing roar when the check is set to maximum. I have a passion for Hardy and Dingley designed reels so the look of my reel had to reflect the heritage of British reel design’s from the past.

This thought process lead me to the unique dual pawl system with the added feature of an auxiliary brake for those over enthusiastic fish which may need more control applied to them. After a thorough testing on the river Lochy and the use of the balanced dual pawls the reel emitted a stimulating sound when a fish took off at speed down river.

IMG_0063 (Medium)Auxiliary brake in use on a single handed trout rod

The auxiliary brake is designed to be operated with the little finger of the hand controlling the rod. This leaves the winding hand free either to steady the butt end of the rod or to wind in on the reel. This is reel “000” (not for sale) and is left hand wind. My reel can be made to order in either left or right hand wind.


Every aspect of quality and attention to detail has been harnessed by me from years of working with quality fishing reels and consequently the materials used are of the highest standards of aluminium, cast bronze, stainless steel etc. I have put all of my skill and passion using these metals into the crafting of a reel which evokes the sentiment of reels from an earlier time.

The bespoke bench made Mackenzie Salmon Spey Reel offers a unique opportunity to obtain a reel of huge integrity for users and collectors alike.

Each reel is numbered and recorded in a log book, and as the reels are individually made if spare spools are required I suggest ordering them at the same time as the reel.

The Mackenzie Salmon Spey reel will be made in very small numbers maybe 20 per year, so please advise me of your order requirement early so as not to be disappointed.

I will be taking orders for my reels  however there is now a six months waiting list. To pre order; a £200.00 deposit will be required via paypal and the balance payable on completion of your reel and this includes post and packing using signed for delivery service. In return I will confirm back to you your order by email and inform you of the allocated reel number.

The material list…

  1. Aluminium 2017
  2. Bronze B101
  3. Brass CUZN39 PB3
  4. Nickel Silver NS101
  5. Stainless Steel
  6. High Carbon Spring Steel
  7. 22 Carat Gold on the Line Guide

There is a patent application pending in place and the reel designs are registered with A.C.I.D (Anti Copying In Design) so there is a minimal risk of anyone producing a similar reel. In essence you have the chance to own something quite unique.

Patent Number GB1419712.3


IMG_1184 (Medium)Four left hand wind and two right hand wind reels