There are a good number of collectors  of vintage fishing tackle worldwide and I have had the pleasure of restoring some of the rarest reels known to exist. I hold many vintage spares  and if these are not to hand I make replacement parts using the same techniques and materials that were used to make the original item. Over the past ten years I have discovered many of the hidden quirks under the skin of some amazing reels. Hardy in particular did not use standard thread sizes on the nuts and screws that held everything together. So to help with say replacing a single screw for example, I make my own taps and dies, to produce the correct screw or threaded hole.

IMG_0113 (Medium)

IMG_0103 (Medium)

Hand made Tap and Die to make the central locking screw for large size Hardy Perfects

A summary and examples of the work I do.

IMG_6634 (Medium) IMG_6675 (Medium)

3 3/4 bronze Hardy Perfect

b996_3 BP2

4 1/4 Bronze and N/S Hardy Perfect – replaced front spool flange

IMG_3271 (Medium) IMG_3282 (Medium)

Very rare Hardy Silex

284494757_o 1899_perfect_1a


Very rare 1899 Hardy Perfect that needed some extra special care.


Hardy Farne spool

IMG_8300 IMG_8319

De-greasing using pure spirits + complete rebuild – 4 1/2 inch B/F Perfect


Replacement front spool flange – Allcocks Coxon


IMG_0110 (Medium)

Hardy bronzing solution consists of 6 ingredients. Hydrochloric acid and Arsenic Trioxide are the main components with 4 other additives to make the full formula. Plumbago is used as the blacking agent and lacquer to bind everything together and to give a protective coating to the item being bronzed/black leaded.

IMG_0111 (Medium)

Dingley bronzing solution consists of 4 ingredients. Hydrochloric acid and Arsenic Trioxide are the main components + 2 other additives. Pure carbon dust is used as the blacking agent + lacquer.

IMG_9065 (Medium) IMG_9069 (Medium)

Two Hardy Uniquas after re-bronzing.

IMG_9325 (Medium) IMG_9327 (Medium)

Dingley reel after re-bronzing.