About Me

I am a time-served Engineer who has been involved in precision engineering in Great Britain for over 40 years. A gradual evolvement into the repair and restoration of vintage fishing reels has become a passion for me over the last 10 years.

The knowledge and love of working with these very special items and understanding the engineering heritage and its progression from the 1850s until now has given me a deep appreciation into the design, construction and materials associated with the manufacture of some very rare and valuable fishing reels.

It had always been an ambition of mine to create a reel for today’s market using modern technical materials for weight reduction, strength and wearability while retaining the original British heritage of the design. Over the last three years I have achieved my ambition by developing and field testing the “Mackenzie Salmon Spey Reel”. The reel is named for an area where I grew up – “Speyside” near Inverness – a place where my passion for fishing was implanted in me by my father.